The Project

The Tower of Babel is a story told in the Book of Genesis and its aim is to explain the origin of different languages.

There have been a number of traditions around the world that describe a divine confusion of the one original language into several, albeit without any tower. Aside from the Ancient Greek myth that Hermes confused the languages, causing Zeus to give his throne to Phoroneus, many specialists also have mentioned similar accounts among the Wasania of Kenya, the Kacha Naga people of Assam, the inhabitants of Encounter Bay in Australia, the Maidu of California, the Tlingit of Alaska, and the K’iche’ Maya of Guatemala.

Our decision to adopt the Tower of Babel as a metaphor and a name for this research project is related to its main goal: to give equal opportunities to all the people in the world to answer in their own native language to this survey about favourite tourism destinations.

We think that free recall in native language is the most efficient tool for assessing such vast and complex issue as tourism destination preferences, destination attractiveness, destination images, etc.

Our commitment with scientific validity of data is the basis of the methodology used in this research, and your sincere and honest cooperation becomes a crucial condition for its success.

Of course it is almost impossible to cover all human languages existing in the world. Consequently many people can with legitimacy ask: What about my native language? Why is it not in the list?

If you are one of these persons that do not find your native language in the list, we can just say: “Sorry, but important work takes time… Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Tower of Babel wasn’t built in a week!”

However, if you are proficient in one of the many languages already available in the Tower of Babel platform, please choose it to answer to this survey.


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