The myth of going to heaven using a huge tower appears to have fuelled the dreams of human beings at the dawn of civilization. These dreams are recorded in the annals of history and labelled as chimeras.

Similarly, the creation of a scientific method to evaluate all existing tourist destinations in the world, allowing (almost) everyone living in the world to respond to the same questionnaire, by free recall and using their own native languages, also appears to be very similar to the chimera of Tower of Babel.

In fact, nowadays, in our globalized world, tourism destination choice and tourist perception of destinations existing in the world became a complex and global phenomenon too.

So, the question arises of how to approach a so complex matter in a single research?

The answer to this challenge is the creation of a scientific research network, a joint-venture of tourism researchers from many countries working together with a common goal: shed light on the very and exciting topic of the “dream destinations” and “favourite destinations” of the world population.

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